E-mail list that I did in 2015

I did the e-mail list about researchers and professors in 2015 and I informed it to many people in a little time (it was a very hard work). I did not earn any money for it. I did it thinking always in helping professors, researchers and other people for a better world, increasing human life expectancy and improving human health.

Number of cataloged e-mail addresses of professors/researchers from 20 excellent research and study centers worldwide: 30,243 besides those that I deleted after that very few professors informed me to delete their e-mail addresses.

Many excellent brazilian and foreign researchers / professors liked of my project (E-mail List). Some of them are internationally renowned people since a long time.
20 Research and Study Centers related to the mailing list that I did in 2015:
University of Oxford / California Institute of Technology / Stanford University / University of Cambridge / Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Harvard University / Princeton University / Imperial College London / ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich / University of California, Berkeley / University of Chicago / Yale University / University of Pennsylvania / University of California, Los Angeles / Columbia University / Johns Hopkins University / Duke University / Cornell University / University of Michigan / University of Toronto 

– Observation: I didn´t asked permission for each person whose e-mail was placed on the email list. I informed this fact to many professors/researchers by e-mail which I had sent the mailing list. 


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