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About me and blog – Rodrigo Nunes Cal

I´m Graduated in Biomedicine (2003-2007), Master´s Degree in Physiopathology of lung cancer in mice (2008-2012) and Inspector of Students in Sao Jose do Rio Preto since 2012 in Brazil.


The blog goal is for a better world in all aspects, encouraging good breakthrough technologies for society.

-The world need more great and good innovations.

The world urgently needs people with large projects for the general benefit of the world’s population. @ 世界迫切需要大型項目的人民,為世界人口的普遍利益。世界は、世界人口の一般的利益のために大きなプロジェクトを持つ人々を緊急に必要とする。& O mundo precisa urgentemente de pessoas com grandes projetos para benefício geral da população mundial.

– There is a very interesting and important topic on  this blog that generates discussion in world society. It refers to the use of animal in scientific research.

– It has data of my dissertation (The influence of physical activity in the progression of experimental lung cancer in mice. Pathology, Research and Practice (Print), v. 208, p. 377-381, 2012.), my monograph (Chagas Disease research in vitro – Induction of benzonidazole resistance in human isolates of Trypanosoma cruzi), links and videos about animal testing (mice researches, for example), motivational and other types of texts of my authorship, very useful and important scientific files and other things more. My dissertation has very interesting and important graphics that I did about mice weights during experimental time. This methodology can be used for studying animal testing related to many science issues being a great reference for scientific researches. 

There are too informations about a detailed, great and extensive e-mail list that I made in 2015 related to researchers and professors from 20 excellent teaching and research institutions worldwide, focusing on the area of biological sciences (30,242 e-mail addresses cataloged besides which I had to delete after the request of few professors/researchers) as well as a list (252 people) with the names of people who gave me positive feedback through the e-mail regarding the list of e-mails I sent them. Some of them are very internationally renowned people since a long time. 

I didn´t asked permission for each person whose e-mail was placed on the email list. I informed this fact to many professors/researchers by e-mail which I had sent the mailing list. 

I did the e-mail list about researchers and professors in 2015 and I informed it to many people. I did not earn any money for it. I did it thinking always in helping professors, researchers and other people for a better world, increasing human life expectancy and improving human health. 

When I sent the e-mail list by e-mail to professors and researchers, I sent a pdf document that describes the project summary too.

LISTA DE E-MAILS & E-MAIL LIST (Abstract @ Resumo)

– List of people who gave positive feedback to me
through e-mail about the mailing list I made in 2015: List of people who gave me a positive feedback about e-mail list I did in 2015

The impossible can become possible from many factors. 

– The possible can be made from the near impossible in an inexplicable and surprising way until then. 

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