Videos that I talked about this blog

Video that I spoke about my blog, e-mail list I did in 2015 about researchers and professors from best universities of the world, my dissertation (experimental pathophysiology of lung cancer in mice), my monograph (Chagas disease research), great, important and interesting scientific files, links and videos about animal testing, list of people who gave me [...]

List of people who gave me positive feedback by e-mail about the e-mail list I made in 2015

Very Important Observation: I did not earn money through the mailing list that I made (Co-author: Leandro Nunes Cal). I never earn and I do not earn money through this blog. Good Luck for you! Best wishes.  I did an extensive, great and detailed e-mail list about professors and researchers from the best universities worldwide in [...]

E-mail list I did in 2015

I did the e-mail list about researchers and professors in 2015 and I informed it to many people. I did not earn any money for it. I did it thinking always in helping professors, researchers and other people for a better world, increasing human life expectancy and improving human health. Number of cataloged e-mail addresses [...]